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Resources Update Date Note
AFIS 1.0 with demo dataset 2016-6-23 AFIS 1.0 is an application that help ecologists or officers in quarantine department or other to identify fruit flies by specimen images.
Image Filtering and Labeling Assistant 0.1 2014-8-23 IFLA is an application that help ecologists or biologists to speed up processing the image captured by intfrared-trigged camera.
BES-aphla-realeased 2011-8-19 This is the alpha test version sorftware for Biology Expert System (Desktop). This package file includes the core exxcutive and dll files.
Data resource for BES aphla test 2011-8-19 This is package of the image data for BES alpha-test. It includes 225 insect images belonged to 9 orders, which have been preprocessed.
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.Net Framework 3.5 and 2.0 2018-1-10 For some tools.
.Net Framework 4.0 2018-1-10 For some tools.

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